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About We-Speak

What is We-Speak?

We-Speak is a secure, anonymous online platform that aims to empower survivors of sexual violence to safely tell their own stories, in their own time, in their own words. The purpose of We-Speak is to provide a platform for these stories, in all of their diversity, so people can reclaim their voice.

This space is an opportunity to anonymously write about your experience in your own words. It is for anyone who identifies as a victim, a survivor, a person who has experienced sexual violence of any kind, or for someone who is supporting another.

We hope that these stories of struggle, strength, and healing can foster a community of support, solidarity, understanding and hope. We believe that stories are powerful and can build awareness, cultivate empathy, and ultimately create change. Every story matters.

When survivors speak, we listen.

Why have we created We-Speak?


Empowering survivors to share their experiences safely and anonymously, perhaps for the first time. Giving space for their real lived experiences to be seen and breaking the shame of silence.


Allowing survivors to see that they are not alone by fostering a community of support, solidarity and hope for those who choose to post.


Highlighting the prevalence, and impact, of sexual violence in Ireland and allowing those who do not have a lived experience to further their understanding of sexual violence, the many forms it takes and the long-lasting effects it can have.


Providing survivors with trauma informed, tailored support and access to a hub of resources to promote healing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@we-consent.ie.

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