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A date to always remember but never forget

Each year it crashes in like the waves beating the stand.
It brings a swirl of emotion and feelings unbeknownst to my fragile mind.
My body seises as it struggles to stay afloat.
I gasp as the sharp prickly water traps my body,
unable to move,
but only to breathe,

The title of the story is: Stare the Stalker Down

Absolutely. If my story is of help to anyone or anyone needs to share their story with me, I would be so happy if anything helps. I survived that part of my life and am working on the other parts.


What happened was not your fault. You deserve to be speak and be heard.

Stalked by a professional in Ireland

Speak up and speak out about your experiences and you will be amazed at the outpouring of support you will receive. And above all, never give up.

We all have the ability to be allies and support the survivors in our lives.

Saoirse ; Freedom

You've got this! You are unbelievably strong and you are not alone!


Just know that it was never your fault for what happens. You are strong and deserve to be happy in who you are.


You have a strength in you to fight .
The best revenge is not letting him have a hold on your future.


There is always light at the end of the tunnel - guaranteed.
Never give up.
Your victory story will help others. You have a purpose.
In my darkest days I wish someone told me this.
You are worthy.

a voice

When I was 23, after having lost my father to cancer and moving into my first home as a single parent, I was "sexually assaulted" by my uncle who was now one of my neighbours. It was what was possibly deemed a harmless move by him, a drunken misunderstanding where he accidentally but forcefully stuck his tongue in my mouth while consoling me on my loss. The weight of him pressing me into the sofa of my new home. My new place of safety.

Every step forward, no matter how small, is still a step forwards. Take all the time you need taking those steps.


Things can get better. You will never fully forget what happened to you, but you will grow around your trauma. It will never disappear, but it doesn't have to have a happy life.


It’s never easy, but you learn to be okay again. Trust the process.


I was sexually assaulted while living abroad for college. I did not accept what had happened to me for some months and allowed my life to spin out of control. I am doing better for myself now and picking up the pieces after having accepted the reality. But I am finding it harder and harder to process and work though the thought of memories of the incident. It feels like im taking one step forward and two steps back. Luckily I have people who I confided in but I feel like asking to talk about it is too much to ask.


If you think you may have been assaulted you probably have. Take time to deal with it don’t brush it off. It is not the new normal.

Don't give up

Do not ever give up. I have got this far and u can too. The weaker and more vulnerable I feel the more God can shine His light through me and on to other people. I am 56 now but finally starting to really live my life through the power might and gentleness of my God who has saved me. I am His child. I am beautiful in His eyes. He loves me so much and sends me people who really care about me. He can save you too no matter how lost u think u are.

Taking ‘time for yourself’ does not always mean spending the day at the spa. Mental health may also mean it is ok to set boundaries, to recognize your emotions, to prioritize sleep, to find peace in being still. I hope you take time for yourself today, in the way you need it most.


It does get better. It doesn’t mean it will happen again. There is still love and joy in the world, even after it all. It just might take time to see it.

Estimada lectora, la siguiente historia contiene lenguaje autolesión que puede herir su sensibilidad y algunos pueden encontrarse incomodos.


You are more than your trauma.


I was assualted, sexual assualted by a man I trusted, who I looked up to. I was 21 at the time, modeling, doing shoots, stepping into the modeling industry.
Little did I know how dark things would get. These women who would stand by these abusers. He groped me from behind and touched me sexually on a shoot. I froze, I couldn't say anything. Couldn't process what was happening. He drove me home, told me to play with myself and let him watch. I ignored his requested and he told me if his wife found out, she'd die from the stress (she was sick a...


You can use this to be your motivator. You can use this rock bottom to show how far you can really push yourself and go. You can take back your life.
Journaling changed my life and so did therapy. Three years after it has happened and I can honestly say if I could take back what happened I wouldn’t because I learned just how strong I am. Spirituality helped me a lot to feel clean again and I used it to get me where I am today. There is hope I promise.

Autistic voice

I've a lot of healing to do. Starting with counselling to try understand everything and why it wasn't all my fault.

“It can be really difficult to ask for help when you are struggling. Healing is a huge weight to bear, but you do not need to bear it on your own.”

Healing Can and Does Happen!

Don't give up on you. Healing can and does happen. With practice and dedication to your own healing you can recover from the trauma of sexual violence. I have learned so much about myself. I am proud of the woman that I am. I am proud that I never gave up on me and I hope that those who take the time to read this piece don't ever give up on themselves. You are worthy. You are deserving of support, care and of love. You matter. You are enough!

A shared experience

Like everything no matter how painful - this too will pass - and you will make it out the other end.


I was inappropriately touched and groped by an older uncle. I have only disclosed this with 2 people. The uncle is my moms brother and our family (particularly his immediate family) have suffered horrible losses and deaths over the years and I just don’t want to add fuel to the fire. I feel like I don’t want to tell anyone and make it public so I am so so happy to have found this space. I know my mom would be fully supportive, my whole family would but I just can’t bring myself to say it. I’m 30 now and although the abuse never got far, it sti...


You are still here despite everything. You are the strongest, most resilient person. Keep going, the pain may never go away, but it will fade with time, I promise you that.


I don't know if its possible.

Estimada lectora, la siguiente historia contiene lenguaje autolesión que puede herir su sensibilidad y algunos pueden encontrarse incomodos.

Healing is not linear. It is different for everyone. It is important that we stay patient with ourselves when setbacks occur in our process. Forgive yourself for everything that may go wrong along the way.

Coercive Rape

Don't let someone use you, manipulate you, deceive and gaslight you, abuse you psychologically, financially, sexually. You (and your children) can do better than survive without them. You can find peace and a new life. Help is out there. Talk to someone now and believe you can start anew.


It's not your fault. I used to think after the amount of times it had happened to me, it must be me. I must give off energy that makes men want to control and do this to me. It turns out, there are just so many people who want full contol and domination over others.

Because we were married…

I’m sharing here because I hope I can reach out to other women who may have gone through marital rape or may still be going through it and I want you to know you are not alone. For years I felt as if I was asleep as I couldn’t face up to what was happening to me, why I was losing weight and why I so depressed. I minimised everything, even to him. I would try and make him feel better afterwards. Most of the time it was as simple as me saying no to sex and him doing it anyway while I was completely disconnected, and it was so often, I would lie...

The nightmare come true

Tell someone what happened , someone you trust. And don’t let others opinion stop you from taking action against what has been done to you

No experience is small. You are a victim even if you think it “could have been worse” ❤️

It doesnt last forever. You have had and will have so many amazing experiences in your life that will slowly but surely drown out the bad. And some day youll realise it doesnt really hurt so much any more and its all ok. I have got to that point and i just know you will get there too pet xo

“You are not broken; you are not disgusting or unworthy; you are not unlovable; you are wonderful, strong, and worthy.”


I know now that the abuse I went through was not normal and not acceptable and it gave me hope to know that future partners would never do that to me. I hope that if anything like this ever happened to me again, I will have the courage to speak up. There are bad people in the world, but there are a lot of good people too.

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